This year for Halloween Cade & Luke bought skin suits. Zane already had one that he received as a gift from Aunt Joy for Christmas last year. For part of the night the boys just wore the skin suits with shorts over the top. People would ask what they were, but the boys didn’t have an answer. They were just kids in skin suits, I guess. For their last Halloween event they went trick-or-treating to a couple of the houses in our neighborhood and decided to wear last year’s Lego brick costumes over their skin suits. I loved the result.

Interesting observation made by the boys: It doesn’t matter if you blink [or look directly at the camera] when you have a skin suit on.

Halloween Legos

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My family spoiled me this year for my 42nd birthday.

I saw the necklace pictured below at Made in Oregon in Newport and I mentioned that I really liked the concept. It has a metal base and magnetic buttons that you can switch. Basically, one necklace with an infinite number of different looks depending on how many buttons you purchase. Luke & Cade insisted on buying it and pooled their money together to do so. Such sweet and generous boys.

gift from C&L

Zane made the wooden box pictured below and the paper bow that’s on top. He found wood scraps that were close to the right size. Sometimes he rubbed the wood on the concrete patio to “sand” them into the right size. He burnt a heart, my initials, and “Z” in the wood with a magnifying glass! He also made a Lego house for me on a rotating stand. How creative and loving!

zane's gift

Cory spoiled me with pajamas, a bathrobe, a hoodie from Sport Hill, and a pink head lamp. He’s super nice. ♥

My dad and mom came up in the evening and brought a string of outdoor patio lights that I’ve been eyeing for quite some time and a pressure cooker. Mom also gave me money to order some new earrings.

For dinner we all (the five of us, my parents, and my sister and her family) met at Texas Roadhouse. There is quite a story involving me getting into a heated conversation with the restaurant manager, but I won’t get into that. To add to the memorability of the evening, we witnessed a poor soul at the table next to us receive the Heimlich maneuver which resulted in his life being saved (thank the Lord) and Luke being unable to finish his meal. In the end, due to me writing a “concern” on the company website regarding their restaurant procedures and the attitude of the manager, we were sent a gift certificate for up to thirty dollars as an apology. As I said, it was a memorable evening…


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We helped the Wofford family make apple cider this year. After a day of washing, cutting, pressing, and filling, the group ended up with 77 half gallons of deliciousness. Cory loves the cider and firmly believes that it’s the best cider he has ever had. Our freezer is now brimming with jugs of juice that will be enjoyed over the next year. Well, we hope it will last a year. It mostly depends on how much Cory will be able to restrain himself from indulging.

apple cider

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October 1, 2015, in Roseburg at Umpqua Community College, a 26-year-old man killed 9 students and wounded 9 more. President Obama flew in to Eugene Airport today and then boarded a helicopter and went to Roseburg to meet with the victims’ families. It has been reported that many people in Roseburg didn’t want the President to come because in his initial response to the shootings he spoke about gun control. I don’t agree with the President. Guns are not the problem. I actually think more people should be encouraged to carry them. Regardless of the fact that President Obama and I have different views on guns, I’m thankful he made the trip to Roseburg. As a mom, I imagine that if you were to lose a child, you would want the world to stop. I think that is a common complaint of those grieving  — that the world just moves on. If I were the mother of a UCC victim I think it would be comforting to know that the nation was aware of my pain and that the President would take time to come and offer his support. It brings tears to my eyes to think of it.

That said, when we had the chance to go out by the airport to watch Osprey, Marine One, and Air Force One, I couldn’t resist. We were on our way there when Cade spotted the first two Osprey aircraft. They nearly flew right over us and watching them in flight was amazing. I’ve never seen an aircraft like them. Next came Marine One and its twin companion. We didn’t know which helicopter the President was on; we waved at them both.  We waited awhile longer to watch Air Force One take off. We found the whole experience very exciting.


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I have two observations. I bet you can guess what they are. (1) We have handsome boys, and (2) They’re growing up fast. For example, I just added Zane’s 8th grade graduation to my calendar. Ready or not, High School, here we come!

school pics 2015

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Thank you, God, for giving us Luke! He is a blessing to our family and we are thankful for a chance to celebrate him and his twelve years. May he be filled with Your spirit and eagerly seek You all of his days. May he be blessed with a long and joyful life.

Luke's 12

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Cade’s first day of school.

Notice his new glasses? He sure wears them well, don’t you think? He has 20/20 vision without glasses, but his eyes are straining. These reading glasses should help his eyes not have to work so hard and keep them from getting tired.


This year it’s just the two of us at home. It may also be my last year as a homeschool teacher. If all goes as planned, Cade will join Luke at ECS next year and I will be getting a job. Big changes for both of us.


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Luke's first day collage

Luke started sixth grade at Eugene Christian School today. He is part time (4 hours per day), but is taking all his core classes: Math, English, History, and Science. He also has Physical Education & Spanish twice a week. I tried to get him to tell me what his favorite part of the day was. This is how our conversation went:

I don’t have a favorite thing.

That doesn’t work for me. You said that you enjoyed Mr. Hammond shattering the ceramic mug [in Science].

Yeah, but then I changed my mind and I don’t know what my favorite thing is.

Tell me your top three things you loved about today at school.

I didn’t really love anything.

You hated school.

That’s not true.

What did you like about it?


What else?

Computer Lab

What else?

Mr. Hammond

You didn’t have Computer Lab.

Yeah, but I went to it and played chess.

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I think Boom Boom’s recent logging photo shoot with Lolly and the boys has got her missing her mom and dad. She asked me to post this picture of my grandparents; it is one of Boom Boom’s favorite pictures of her parents.


In addition to mom’s request, I think I’ll add one picture of my Great, Great Grandpa Joe. The saying on the photo is one I read last year in Powers, Oregon, at their little store.  I guess Joe wasn’t a logger, but he sure looks like one in this photo and, to me, his expressions goes great with the caption. In reality he is sitting under the tree feeling sad because his house had recently burned down and his dog died in the fire.


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Boom Boom loves taking pictures of her Favorite Four. She had done this picture before, but wanted another try at perfecting it. I think she did great and I’m sure these pictures will be enjoyed for years to come.

logging - fightlogging

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