When your kids come in from an unauthorized, failed science experiment involving the ink from a marker and one child has very blue hands, you casually mention after they’ve been washing awhile that you should have gotten a picture. He then goes back to make your wish come true.


He thinks the only solution is to dye the rest of his body. It’



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Last Sunday, while getting ready for church, Luke ran his hand into a door jamb and was sure he broke his little finger. He said he heard it snap. Cory and I talked about taking him to the doctor, but agreed that all they would do, even if Luke’s finger was broken, is tape it. His Sunday School teacher helped him tape his little finger to his ring finger. Later that day we sent him off to camp. I reminded him that I would be up at camp on Tuesday and told him if his finger wasn’t better I would take him to the doctor. Tuesday rolled around and I observed the bruising on his hand, but also noted that he was able to climb the rock wall (the hardest one, per Luke). My sister, who was at camp for the week, said that she thought he was fine. Luke didn’t think he needed to go.

We picked Luke up from camp on Friday (his fingers were still taped) and headed to Powers for our annual camping trip/family reunion. Cory had Luke take the tape off his fingers to let them air out. Aunt Melissa checked him over and thought, being he felt it was doing better, that he would be fine.

On Tuesday Luke was helping get the tent off the top of our van and a bungee cord hit his finger. He was in tears and I told him we better make an appointment with the doctor. He didn’t want to go. He said later that he didn’t want to find out he was just a big wimp. His appointment ended up being on Wednesday and I felt silly talking to the doctor as Luke carelessly fidgeted with his “broken” finger. We went to x-ray and Luke was ready to make a run for the door. He was sure it wasn’t broken.

We were wrong.

The doctor asked if Luke played the piano and said that this break is called an Extra Octave Fracture being that it would help a pianist reach farther. Not only was it fractured, it could involve the growth plate. Another appointment was made for us with a specialist later in the day. The specialist determined that it was too late to set the finger. He thought about giving Luke a shot to deaden the pain and then crank on his finger, but didn’t think the risk outweighed the possible reward. Apparently Luke’s finger is now going to always stick out just a bit. The specialist decided to cast it for two weeks and then tape it for a few more. In six months, Luke will need to go back for a follow-up to see how the growth plate is doing and whether surgery will be required. Surgery?! It’s not likely, but …

What a Mom Fail! Poor little guy taping his own finger for a week and a half. He even made a little split with a popsicle stick after he re-injured it.

At the specialist’s office I start envisioning Luke taking the oath of office…

I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States

His left hand on the Bible; his right hand raised, little finger sticking out awkwardly; me in the crowd, tears streaming down my cheeks as I remember back to the day…

On the other hand (no pun intended) Luke is quite pleased with his broken phalange. He thinks it’s going to be a great conversation starter. He also said, “You’re welcome, Mom, for making your blog interesting.”

What a kid!

He is, not even twenty four hours later, already tired of the cast.


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We had another delightful year at the Elkton Butterfly Run. Cory won the race for the 6th consecutive time. {With each win, I think the pressure to continue his winning streak is mounting. It must be hard to be so amazing!} Zane and Luke ran together and Poppy was not far behind. Lolly and Cade teamed up and were encouraged along the way by two very sweet ladies dressed in pink with butterflies pinned to their shirts. Everyone on our team finished before the thunder, lightening, and rain…except Joy, Tim, and I. We walked most of the course {with the exception of brief runs on the downhills} and ended up soaked. Although I wouldn’t choose to participate in a 5k during a storm, we had a laughter-filled experience that made the year more memorable. My dear husband greeted me at the finish line with a towel and dry shirt while the rest of Team Bud found shelter inside.

butterfly 16


butterfly run  16

As added publicity for the race, our family was featured in the Roseburg News Review the weekend before this years event. It warms my heart to see my dad get recognition for the changes he has made and for encouraging our family to be healthy. I’m so proud of him.

news review

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Zane graduated from 8th grade at Eugene Christian School

and is off to high school in the fall.


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Zane got braces the day before his 14th birthday. (A gift he would like to return.) He woke up on his birthday pretty sore and was sure his day was ruined, but with the help of Tylenol, Advil, and Orajel numbing mouth wash, he survived.

Zane's braces

We arranged for Zane to have his friends Zach and Luke come home with us after school for birthday fun. (Believe it or not, having school friends over was a first for us.) We stopped on our way home for milkshakes and french fries. Once home, the boys played basketball and with RC toys. They also played a little Wii and got in a wrestling match. After dinner, they all went to youth group at Norkenzie.

Zane's 14

Zane’s birthday fun concluded with a family party on Saturday. All his grandparents came as well as his Aunt Joy, Uncle Tim, and Lolly. Zane picked biscuits & gravy, breakfast links, and eggs for his birthday meal.

As Grandma Marsha was preparing to leave, I noticed Zane had reached a new milestone. He’s officially taller than Grandma! He is 5′ 1/4″ tall and is getting close to 90 lbs.

Zane & Marsha




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We try to make it to the All School Chapel each month at Eugene Christian School. It’s really a blessing to watch the kids sing praise songs and share their talents. ECS also honors students for their Christ-like character during this chapel service. The elementary students receive a medal on a neck ribbon. The middle schoolers get a $5 gift card to Dutch Bros. This month they picked four middle school students and Luke was one of them! (The only sixth grader.) Cory and I are so impressed by, and thankful for, the kind words that Mrs. Nichols shared about Luke.  Way to go, Luke Dion! ♥Luke's Award


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1/16/16 — Our fourth annual YES DAY (the day that mom says “yes” to all things) was a success. I’ve decided that YES DAY is what it must feel like to be a grandma. The only thing on the to-do list is “have fun.” The boys are so easy to please and thankful. I love that they still want to include me. Following is a list of our activities for the day:

silly string collage

• Scones and biscuits & gravy for breakfast

• Barnes & Noble book store

• McDonalds

• Trip to the Dollar Store

• Visit with Bessie (she’s like a grandma to the boys) for her birthday

• Silly String War in the backyard

• Red Box movie

• Homemade pizza and Rice Crispy Treats topped with chocolate.

• Extra time playing on tablets/Wii

The boys also wanted to play laser tag, but it’s very expensive. They had money leftover from their YES DAY budget and so we went on the following Thursday when the cost is less. Lucky for us, it worked out that Joy and Lolly were in town and able to join us.



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I usually write our Christmas letter each year and then go over it with Cory; however, this year I decided that the season was too busy and perhaps I would wait and make our family letter a New Year’s letter, Valentine’s letter, or even a Groundhog’s Day letter. (Yeah, we actually have friends that do that. It’s a thing, alright?) This isn’t the first year that I’ve thought that I would wait and do it later. Do you know what happens when I decide to wait? It doesn’t get done. As it is, I think we are averaging a letter every other year. Given the benefits of staying in touch via social media, sending a biennial letter is probably sufficient. That said, my husband wasn’t ready to can the idea and therefore penned the letter himself. I made some changes and begged him to take out the part about my “constantly expanding culinary skills,” but he refused my pleadings. I apologize for what most likely sounded like me tooting my own horn. So there you have it; the story behind our 2015 Christmas letter. (Well, I guess it’s the shiny version of the story. If being totally transparent, I would have to confess that when “I decided that the season was too busy and perhaps I would wait” really looked a lot like a 42-year-old having a tantrum because she couldn’t do everything to please everyone. Every woman has to have at least one Christmas Meltdown, right?)


christmas letter


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Cade has created his own little office in our coat closet. He usually does his math in there. It seems he adds something new every day. He now has more Christmas lights strung and a pen holder attached to the wall. There is also a small flashlight that is attached to the zipper pull of a coat. He can pull the light down closer to his work or retract it via the zipper. He is having a lot of fun designing his space and does a great job of getting his math done, too. I call that a win-win. Cade's Office

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Luke and I went on a date to Barnes & Noble and then Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where we had a coupon for a free caramel apple. While munching the apple he declared, “Mmm. You’re the kinda person I’d like to marry; one who likes books and caramel apples.”


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