on June 18, 2016

We had another delightful year at the Elkton Butterfly Run. Cory won the race for the 6th consecutive time. {With each win, I think the pressure to continue his winning streak is mounting. It must be hard to be so amazing!} Zane and Luke ran together and Poppy was not far behind. Lolly and Cade teamed up and were encouraged along the way by two very sweet ladies dressed in pink with butterflies pinned to their shirts. Everyone on our team finished before the thunder, lightening, and rain…except Joy, Tim, and I. We walked most of the course {with the exception of brief runs on the downhills} and ended up soaked. Although I wouldn’t choose to participate in a 5k during a storm, we had a laughter-filled experience that made the year more memorable. My dear husband greeted me at the finish line with a towel and dry shirt while the rest of Team Bud found shelter inside.

butterfly 16


butterfly run  16

As added publicity for the race, our family was featured in the Roseburg News Review the weekend before this years event. It warms my heart to see my dad get recognition for the changes he has made and for encouraging our family to be healthy. I’m so proud of him.

news review


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