on January 16, 2016

1/16/16 — Our fourth annual YES DAY (the day that mom says “yes” to all things) was a success. I’ve decided that YES DAY is what it must feel like to be a grandma. The only thing on the to-do list is “have fun.” The boys are so easy to please and thankful. I love that they still want to include me. Following is a list of our activities for the day:

silly string collage

• Scones and biscuits & gravy for breakfast

• Barnes & Noble book store

• McDonalds

• Trip to the Dollar Store

• Visit with Bessie (she’s like a grandma to the boys) for her birthday

• Silly String War in the backyard

• Red Box movie

• Homemade pizza and Rice Crispy Treats topped with chocolate.

• Extra time playing on tablets/Wii

The boys also wanted to play laser tag, but it’s very expensive. They had money leftover from their YES DAY budget and so we went on the following Thursday when the cost is less. Lucky for us, it worked out that Joy and Lolly were in town and able to join us.




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