on December 25, 2015

I usually write our Christmas letter each year and then go over it with Cory; however, this year I decided that the season was too busy and perhaps I would wait and make our family letter a New Year’s letter, Valentine’s letter, or even a Groundhog’s Day letter. (Yeah, we actually have friends that do that. It’s a thing, alright?) This isn’t the first year that I’ve thought that I would wait and do it later. Do you know what happens when I decide to wait? It doesn’t get done. As it is, I think we are averaging a letter every other year. Given the benefits of staying in touch via social media, sending a biennial letter is probably sufficient. That said, my husband wasn’t ready to can the idea and therefore penned the letter himself. I made some changes and begged him to take out the part about my “constantly expanding culinary skills,” but he refused my pleadings. I apologize for what most likely sounded like me tooting my own horn. So there you have it; the story behind our 2015 Christmas letter. (Well, I guess it’s the shiny version of the story. If being totally transparent, I would have to confess that when “I decided that the season was too busy and perhaps I would wait” really looked a lot like a 42-year-old having a tantrum because she couldn’t do everything to please everyone. Every woman has to have at least one Christmas Meltdown, right?)


christmas letter



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